Getting Ready for Autumn with Romwe

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Autumn is one of my favorite seasons for dressing up, and Romwe has a special deal for all of my pumpkin spice loving fashionistas out there. A special sale which starts at $4.99 up is being held right now and as an added bonus - they are offering free shipping from September 18th to 25th!

So stock up on those cozy cardigans and start shopping for autumn apparel at Romwe. :)



Hi guys! BDJ Box is giving away an invite to the upcoming BDJ BOX Camp Gorgeous Beauty Social on September 14, 2014. Five (5) of my readers will get to attend Larissa Joson's "Be Blemish Free for Life" talk plus a Bdj Box lootbag by simply leaving me a comment below with their name and email address. 

First five to comment gets an instant invite. So what are you waiting for? :*

UPDATE: Congratulations to the following and see you this weekend bellas! Please check your emails for further instructions. :)

Anna Alfuerto

Dianne Mercado

Larissa Jordan

Anna Liza Razon

Patricia Ramirez


Know more about Bdj Box by visiting them here.

August 2014 Bdj Box


So, what do we have here?

Well,if it isn't the August 2014 Bdj Box. Though I actually got this way earlier than this post, I was actually away from home so I was not able to upload this baby right away. Though this may seem little at a glance, this rascal actually packs quite a punch.

I might not be too keen on having my hair done by someone other than my current stylist, Ellie. I do appreciate how immensely simple and artistic their coupons look. Kept these just in case I drop by one of their branches for the main experience. And these stickers are just too cute. Plastering these all over letters and notes at work.

Fan d Fendi Blossom's citrus undertone drives me wild. I like to keep these tucked under my closet giving off a faint scent to all my wardrobe. I am not a big perfume fan, but this fits me quite alright. Tried the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Cognito. Not too crazy about the texture, but I definitely liked the color payoff. Shishiedo's Ultimune is still on my list of to-try-out, will update you guys soon.

I am a Loreal x Kerastase girl. And anything they dish out, I devour completely. I have pretty course hair, and the Loreal Mythic Oil -- is simply MYTHIC! No other word can describe it. After application my hair feels super soft and moisturized - which is about the same kind of feeling you get after using the after developer conditioner that comes with your box dye. I use the Mythic Oil serum to keep my tresses smooth and silky after showers. I'm leaving the Garnier Color Naturals cream for another day, since I'm sticking to my Palty Strawberry Sorbet hue for 6 more months - until such time I decide to go back to black. :)

And here's the final roll call. So which ones are your favorites from this month's BDJ BOX?
Let me know in the comment section below and be sure to check out my ig: @michitomi for more.

As always, see you guys! xx

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