2nd BDJ Women's Summit {Plus Huge Giveaway}

Hello darlings! Welcome back to the blog. Today, I'll be showing you what transpired last weekend at the 2nd BDJ Women's Summit. This charitable event was not only inspirational, but it also paved a way for people to get in touch with causes that benefit the women and children of the Philippines. These partner organizations include: Ahon sa Hirap Inc., Angat Buhay, ECPAT PH, Kinamot Nga Buhat, Grace to be Born, Elsie Gaches, Miss Possibilities Foundation, Fairplay for All Foundation, Girls Got Game PH, Plush and Play, as well as Jacinto and Lirio.

I took my friend with me to the Summit Talks and we thoroughly enjoyed their stories. Among the amazing line up of speakers, my absolute favorite ones were about BDJ founder, Darlyn Ty's beginnings and OFW turned Businesswoman, Rebecca Bustamante-Mills success story. It just goes to show that anybody can make it big with small beginnings.

Overall, this event was amazing! I hope that some of you will join me in the future activities that BDJ will have in store for us this 2017.

And oh, the BDJ team was lovely enough to send me some of these amazing BDJ goodies. I am giving one (1) lucky reader a chance to win all of these by following the steps below:

1. Follow me on all my social media accounts:
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3. Leave a comment below saying "What your dream is and what you can do to pursue it?" along with your Name and Email Address.

It's that simple. This giveaway is open to Philippine Residents only, both males and females can enter. One winner will be chosen randomly (so feel free to nudge your siblings, parents, or special someone to join in as well). :)

The winner will be announced on April 30, 2017 at 7:00 PM PST. Good luck everyone!

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9 Responses to “2nd BDJ Women's Summit {Plus Huge Giveaway}”

  1. My dream is to become a mental health practictioner by studying my masters and getting more informed about the cases in Mental Health today. I would also like to join more advocacy groups that promote Mental Health and probably in the future set up my own clinic. Cheska Testa -cheska.testa@gmail.com

  2. My dream is to become a teacher. A teacher that will mold and teach every students to be a better citizen of our country. And also I want to be their inspiration through sharing my experiences and knowledge. As of now, I am a licensed teacher and I'm applying in a public school. I know this will be the start of my journey. Klei Anne Yacat. kleianne.yacat@ymail.com

  3. I dream to become better and prove everyone wrong. I dream to show them that i am not just the girl they see them from the outside. I am bigger and bolder. I want and will achieve this by getting my degree in Accountancy, pursue until i became a CPA and show them i can. I will use their judgments against me as my strength to pursue my dreams 🤗 -Mariz Agasa. o22_mariz@yahoo.com

  4. My dream is to become successful one day. To become successful, I need to finish my studies, find a stable job, earn and save money for the future, have my own house and car, and have a happy family. After I pursue all of those, I can now say "I AM SUCCESSFUL, I CAN DO IT and I WILL DO IT!"


  5. My dream is to become CPA someday. I will do everything to reach this dream. I am currently taking the degree of BS in Accountancy. For me to be able to reach this dream I need to study hard and don't give up whatever trials I may encounter. I should always trust the Lord, because I know all this trials are His test for me if I am worthy to reach my dream. All I just need to do is to stay focus on my dream and trust Him above. -Vivian Joy Corales. vivianjoy_corales@yahoo.com

  6. My only dream is the happiness of my family. I hope I can fullfil my dreams of my daughter and raise them to be more active and productive so when they grow they can build their own dreams and be a good leader someday.
    Empowe myself so I can protect my family!

    Jeanette Erpelo layar jenny.erpelo12@gmail.com

  7. I was born and raised in the province and I grew-up seeing how hard life was. I saw how my parent struggled and sacrificed a lot just to provide food on the table, send us to school, and attend and give our basic needs. When I was in college, they had stretched every resources we have and that includes their time, staying late at night working and rising at dawn to work again. I have graduated college and I am very thankful to them because I’ve got a good job. It is my dream that I will re-pay them and one of the best ways that I know they truly deserve is to treat them for an out of town trip. That includes air fare, hotel accommodation, eating out, massage, and engaging them in activities available. To pursue it, I am saving a portion of my salary every payday and doing a side-business because I want it to materialize soon and I know that I can give it to them as long as I am focused and have the right attitude in achieving that dream.

    Roxane Montierro

  8. My dream is to have our own house and lot. As the head of the family I know that it is my responsibility to give my family a good home, a haven where love abounds and has rooms for growing and sharing our individuality. What I am doing to pursue this dream is that I am setting a target on when to have it and how much I will save every cut-off and as a freelance photographer I am accepting side job for photo shoot and event coverage. I know with this I can reach my dream for my family and I am excited to have our nest that we can call our own.

    Aldrin Montierro

  9. My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur especially in my Real Estate ventures and retire young and free at the age of 40. Along the way I know it will be challenging but I have my God and loves ones who patiently guides and supports me in whatever situation I am. I am continuously studying the business via books, seminars and thru my mentors in the industry. I am also firm with my beliefs and principles but always open for new ideas and adjustments. I am positive enough that I will be successful because I have the will.

    Name: Karen A. Acut
    Email: karenacut@yahoo.com
    FB: www.facebook.com/karen.acut (Karen Alejano Acut)
    IG & Twitter: @karenacut


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