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Standfor Initiative - talk your walk

I have recently been contacted by Standfor Initiative to bring you an exclusive preview and pre-sale of their first collection. Standfor is a new footwear brand that unites both fashion and meaning. And I am happy to introduce this special storefront where all of you can shop for their most coveted items.

The store is kept minimalistic to draw the eyes towards the detail of each piece. As you can see, each shoe is made like a work of art. It is crisp, simple, and ingeniously designed. I think normcore addicts will be inlove with these.

I personally love the design of the Leaf shoe collection for Women. It's very vibrant, and is an instant eye catcher. These would go great with boyfriend jeans and a gray pocket tee.

Be sure to check this out when you can since they only have a few weeks into their pre-sale period. You may visit the store HERE.

As always, stay golden! :)

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Photo Diary: Tagaytay Staycation

My Tagaytay Staycation in six frames.

(1) Waking up to the cool and breezy air in Tagaytay for my ACLS workshop.One's never too young to learn how to save another person's life.

(2) Smelling the sweet coffee and sampling delectables at Bag of Beans. This place is always full of regulars and tourists seeking some out of city solace.

(3) The lush green wall by Pamana sets the mood of what to expect when you dine in this legacy.

(4) Pamana's interiors just mirrors the authenticity of its food and its vibe. You should check this place out when you visit Tagaytay.

(5) Having a little Karaoke fun by our hotel pool. Never too busy for a sing-a-long sesh.

(6) Totally unrelated, but here's a snap of my latest craving. Matcha Green Tea Tiramisu by Watami, Mall of Asia.

Hope you guys are having a great week. Be sure to leave me a note of what you want me to talk about next in my upcoming posts. I am really loving sharing bits and pieces of my day with you, and I cannot wait to he…

Hot Yoga Basics [Review]

Until a year ago, I thought that I could keep eating whatever I want and still keep the same slim shape thanks to what we call the Asian genetics. But I found that as I was getting *gulp* older, my body could no longer support the lazy lifestyle I have been gloriously living in for so long - and that meant it was time to get whipped back into shape.
I was never the athletic one in school. I did okay in PE class, but I tend to endure it for the grades alone. The only sport I did well in was swimming, and other than that, forms of exercise that involved me and sweat, have always been an unlikely scene.
An actual pie chart of how much time I spend relaxing vs how much time I spend for exercising
It took me half a year to consider Hot Yoga. I never seemed like the type to do this, and I felt that I would lose interest in this just like how I did with the others before.

I remember my first class. I was 10 minutes late for it, and I was afraid that my instructor would ask me to return anoth…

March Favorites

Let me talk about a few of my beauty must haves this month. I am all about the greens and the all natural. I think that the less we put on, the better our skin gets. And boy, does my flesh need a breather from my zombie-ish routine.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. I have been seeing this over department store counters and have always wondered what it was like to use. So one day, I decided to take one of these home. And surprisingly, I wasn't disappointed. They said that this gel could be used for a variety of things - hair, skin, face, etc. The only thing it wasn't was edible. This summer, my skin (especially around my face) is extremely dry and flaky and I found that this is a great moisturizer to use at night. In the mornings, when I wash my face I can still feel a little bit of the gel come right off. My face feels soft and plump. The best part of it is that it doesn't break me out and this tub will probably last me a long time.

Nature Republic Eyebrow Pencil #3…