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AVA X Glorietta Vibe's Walk The Runway

Happy Friday, dearies!
As some of you might not know, I've recently taken part at the Glorietta Vibe's attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records for the most models walking on the runway. Here are some of the clips I managed to snap with my Canon A3300 powershot.

Call time at 8:00AM and the place was already swamped with models

Bright lights on an even brighter day

This is where we were kept (hostage, lols) before the show. Runway 3 is center stage, btw. *Gulps*

My booties all dirty from walking

Briefing + Make-up Time

At the holding area with some of my co-models

Managed to snap this with my phone before my fifteen-seconds-of-fame airtime walking at the show 

Some treats I received after the event
And if you're wondering, we did break the world record for most models walking the runway with 2255 people. Hoorah! I was so happy for that success that I dropped by Forever 21 right after for some mini-retail therapy.

Cross these ones off my wishlist dearies, Santa came early tonig…

She Eats: Sizzlin Pepper Steak

Happy Saturday everyone! I've just finished watching the last part of the Twilight Breaking Dawn movie with my girl friends. It is not often that I go out with my girls for a movie date, so we took this chance to update each other with our lives over a steaming plate of Sizzlin Pepper Steak, Mall of Asia .

Upon entering, we were greeted by this curious sign at our table -which the lovely staff has kindly taught us how to use. Simple: Moo-oove = We Need Something and Stop = Dont Bother. Loljk.

Shortly after flipping the cow sign to Moo-oove, our table was set up and orders were taken like clock work.

I like the picnic basket at the table. The place reminds me more of the country side, rather than a japanese inspired resto.

Not long after ordering, this smoking hot plate of sizzling goodness appeared before our eyes.
My friends digging in.

 I ordered their best seller, the Sizzlin Beef Pepper Platter. I love how juicy the meat is, and the sauce is simply to die for.

Upon having our f…

Inspiration Post: Wendy's Lookbook

Happy Sunday dearies!

 Let me share with you a video of my current obsession, one of the best fashion bloggers out there - Wendy Nguyen of 
As of late, I find myself watching her channel for hours. I first started watching her videos on Youtube, before learning that she has a blog which features other outfits that are not on her regular vlogs. She is fun, quirky, and simple but she has a way of transforming ordinary fashion posts into works of art (If you've already watched the clip below, you'd know that the videography on her posts are amazing!) 

Not only does she post about current trends, she also features shoes(and how to wear/take care of them) and hair(my main obsession!). I can go on and on about how amazing she is, but I'll bet you'll all be raving about her once you find yourselves going through every video she's made like I have. 
Anyhow, I'll leave you with the original links to her page below. I hope you guys can find inspiration…

PFW S/S 2013

Hello dearies! Sorry for the overdue post, now let me show you some of my favorites from the Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Collections. 

From what I've seen, Spring/Summer 2013 will feature lots of fabric lace, leather and reinvented neons. I cant wait for summer to come so I can dress with looks inspired from these runway looks.

I love how innovative and fashion forward our local designers have become. See the intricate designs and draping in these gowns? Absolutely gorgeous!
Now that I've shown you a sneak peek of next year's trends, lets get on to some camwhoring.
 Me and my fashion-aficionado friend, Dionne
At the catwalk with my gorgeous friend, Hanzy
Look at who we've spotted after the show! It's none other than Andre Judd of HTTP://AVANTGARDIEN.TUMBLR.COM
Well, that's it for now. Hope to see you at the runways soon, dearies! :)