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Happy Saturday everyone!
For those of you who have joined my recently concluded Giveaway, this is the moment you have all been waiting for - the winner announcements!
Congratulations to Elaiza Berame Marta Vieira 
Please check your email and follow the instructions on how to redeem your prize(/s).
If you guys weren't chosen at this time, there is still some good news for you! You can visit and join their ongoing free trial giveaway! Click here to join.
Thank you all for participating and see you on my next big giveaway!

Kisses, Chi

Events: BDJ Box Beauty Social {Primp and Prettify}

Happy Saturday, everyone!
Last September, all my fellow bellas and I attended the secondBDJ BoxBeauty Social of the year. It was an event that not only promised to tease the senses, but surprisingly managed to bewilder the mind as well. If you are curious to know what transpired during the event, or would like to re-live the moments of this day -- simply read on. 
To begin, getting here was half the adventure -- clad in my five inch platforms, my friend and I traversed the busy (and often populated) streets of the city to get to this charming event at the North Sky Dome. And let me tell you, all that calf exercise was definitely worth it. Seeing as both my friend and I had the time of our lives trying out new products, gaining knowledge from the pros, drinking these tasty (non-alcoholic) cocktails, and playing around at all the booths.

And oh, if you think this is too much visual stimulation - there's more. I have made a short vlog of this visit below.

I hope you guys were able t…