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How to plant a seed (a tutorial of sorts)

Hello my lovely readers! I know you missed me by this much *holds up an inch space in between the thumb and index finger* NGL, I have been pretty stingy when it comes to uploading posts the past year. I only found out about this when I opened folders of photos I wanted to edit, but never found the motivation to pursue. (Holy, there were a ton fold already.) So I wanted to make it up to you by giving you a life changing lesson on how to plant a seed. Great. Like that helps. :) 
Figure A. The DIY plant kit which includes: paper cup pot, dehydrated soil bag, seeds, fertilizer
I got this DIY plant making kit a while back and I never really shared this with you guys, but back when I was in grade school someone killed my mono cot and dicot seed/plant and it totally crushed my little baby heart. I stopped planting ever since. Until today, that is. :)
Figure B. Pouring water over the soil bag. The exposed part should have been the bottom side.
Oh. I promised you a tutorial and a life changing …