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Online Shopping: Mart of china Review

Happy Saturday my little choco babies!  Up until a year ago, I have never really been into shopping online until I had my paypal activated and my first online order (a pretty white dress) arrive within two weeks of hitting check-out. Flash forward to today, I can pretty much say that I'm an online shopping junkie. I am a known patron of instagram and online stores, and among one of my recent finds, is this quaint online store called Mart of china. As much as I would love to go on and on about the site (which will probably bore you to death and make you exit this post asap T_T), I have decided to make a look book of pieces from the shop instead. I have narrowed down some products I think you guys would love to check out in the post below.

floral patchwork grey sweater  //  leopard print backpackFor the sweet girl next door:  I found this beautiful sweater that had floral fabric cut outs on the side, and I think this would look great with the pastel leopard backpack on a casual date …

Lookbook No. 32 {Tough Chic}

Happy Sunday everyone!
It has been raining nonstop in the metro this past week, and a bright sunny sky was quite the sight to see. My friend and I decided to go out today to have a little fun with this lovely dress, Linda of Martofchina has sent me. Thank you so much, I love this piece to bits.

asymmetric dress // Martofchina biker jacket // Romwe gold studded belt // Forever 21 necklace & earrings // Forever 21
 Since chiffon is a soft and lightweight fabric, I decided to wear this biker jacket to toughen up the look.

I chose this dress not only for its versatility (which I will show you a little later) but for the great quality and affordable price tag as well. Can you believe this outfit only costs $7.50? 

Let me show you the first way to wear this dress: Cinch up the waist with a tiny belt for a more formed and body conscious look. This looks best for when you are going to work or formal occasions where a more structured look is desired.

Alternative look: Wear it on its own and let …

Lookbook No. 31 {Beautiful Dirty Rich}

Hello my tree hugging, party loving sweeties!
Listening to the song Beautiful Dirty Rich by Gaga has certainly put me in the mood to rock the weekend away. So, have any of you got plans for this weekend? Why not party away with the convenience of Hassle free partying right at your fingertips. No lines, no cover fees, just pure unadulterated fun.

Party tip aside, how do you guys like my hair? It is becoming seriously long. I am contemplating on having it cut or colored a month or two from now. I'm thinking of either getting blue black hair or ombre. What do you think?

cross print sweater // Romwe sequin bandage skirt // Forever 21
I will be working on something special next weekend so stay tuned. Stay gorgeous loves!

Lookbook No. 30

Hello my little darlings! 
If you are following my Instagram feed, you would know that I have been obsessed with the kpop and kdramas lately. Hence, the very childish casual outfit. This look is inspired by Lee Hi's song Its Over. I wore this very cute peter pan collar top with these bow print shorts, which I both purchased during my recent trip to China town.
top and skirt // 168 Mallbear bowler hat // Romweeiffel tower necklace // gift
Not only are these shorts cute, but they are super comfy as well. I have been seeing this bow print in korean fashion magazines, and when the opportunity presented itself - I grabbed this right off the rack. (Yay me!)

Another little trinket that I wore with this outfit is this mini Eiffel Tower necklace, my good friend got me on my birthday. It adds quite a vintage touch, dont you think?
Another element of this look that I love, is this bear bowler hat from Romwe, which I adore to bits. 
Which ones from my outfit do you like? I would love to hear. …

Lookbook No. 28

Hello my little lovelies!
They say that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So what do you do if you find yourself smack right in the middle of the trendiest street this side of Asia?

Do as the Manilenos do, and shop til your hearts (and wads of cash) drops!
Distressed cat sweater // Romwe, see similar here

There is something about shopping (a.k.a. retail therapy) in Manila that gives you quite a high. Don't know if it's the dirt cheap sale prices, or the amount of eye candy (talking about trendy, hunky shoppers) I get to ogle on that gives me thisI-can-rock-the-world-in-high-heels feeling.

Leather back pack // vintage
Or maybe it's the fact that I can practically wear anything, or any trend, without getting crossed looks from people now as opposed to how people did four or five years ago. I love how the Philippine fashion industry is moving at top speed, and how we are no longer mere spectators if its glory. We, the deprived generation of yesterday, are finally the moving and …