How to plant a seed (a tutorial of sorts)

Hello my lovely readers! I know you missed me by this much *holds up an inch space in between the thumb and index finger* NGL, I have been pretty stingy when it comes to uploading posts the past year. I only found out about this when I opened folders of photos I wanted to edit, but never found the motivation to pursue. (Holy, there were a ton fold already.) So I wanted to make it up to you by giving you a life changing lesson on how to plant a seed. Great. Like that helps. :) 

Figure A. The DIY plant kit which includes: paper cup pot, dehydrated soil bag, seeds, fertilizer

I got this DIY plant making kit a while back and I never really shared this with you guys, but back when I was in grade school someone killed my mono cot and dicot seed/plant and it totally crushed my little baby heart. I stopped planting ever since. Until today, that is. :)

Figure B. Pouring water over the soil bag. The exposed part should have been the bottom side.

Oh. I promised you a tutorial and a life changing lesson. Getting back on point... You see, your life is kind of like this DIY plant kit. It's got all the basic parts you need, all you have to do is to choose whether or not you would like to plant a seed. The seed, in this case, could be your life goal, your next project, your future plan, or it could literally be a seed you want to plant. Whatever you had in mind works just as well.

Figure C. Soil bag expanding from the water.

Just like life, this kit doesn't simply hand you a finished product. It doesn't promise you that your plant would grow up to be like the one in the photo. Nor does it guarantee that the seed you planted would live. It was simply there to give you the opportunity to find out for yourself what would happen if you choose to start this little endeavor,

Figure D. Adding more water and the entire seed packet to the cup.

I know it may feel like you don't know what you are doing sometimes. And that is perfectly fine. There is no 1-2 step to everything. All you get are opportunities to succeed or fail. When in doubt, just go with your gut and common sense. They, almost, always lead you in the right direction. The same goes for planting this seed. Hehe. 

Figure E. Adding the fertilizer.

When you find yourself nearing the point-of-no-return, sometimes you may ask yourself if all the time and effort you have put in this is worth it. You fear that by going forward, you could no longer get back to the state of complacency you previously had at one point. What if you liked owning a dirt bag and didn't really need to have a plant right now? Imagine, you could keep that soil bag forever, and it will look like what it did a day ago too. (Except when it gets all moldy from the moisture, then I suggest skipping the water)

Figure F. An earlier plant I made that has grow a little. Pardon the fur on the window. Cat owners can relate.

Would things pay off in the end? There is no assurance. But remember, things never stay the same. And though you may enjoy the momentary comforts of today a little longer, sooner or later you would have to move on to bigger and often times scarier (but better) things in life. Point is, we all have to do it some time in our life. Why not start today?

Figure G. Close up on this growing baby plant.

Plant a seed, and see it grow. Find out what life is about, because you never get the same opportunities twice. Everything changes, and that is okay. Never be afraid to try. 

Unless, you know, you have botanophobia:fear of plants or something, then I suggest you take up painting instead. 

And that is why, this year, for my New Year's resolution - I will take better care of this blog as if it were my tiny seed. I could only hope to see it flourish. Thank you everyone for the year that was 2014. Many fond memories were shared, and more adventures will be created this year. Love you guys to the moon and back. xx, michi


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