Call of the Wild

Hello, everyone! I've just arrived back from my work trip at Ciudad Christiaand I know a new post has been long overdue. So, let me show you what I've worn during my midweek work holiday.

Neon + animal prints love! 
I just adore the cheetah print trimming on this top. These prints drive me wild!

Hot pastel orange wedges from SM Parisian
got this recently on sale - what a find! They're cute, comfy and great for leg lengthening to boot!

Here's a photo of the pool at the resort I've stayed at. The water was so clear, it's just begging me to dive right in!

  The view in front of our lodge. I feel like climbing that big tree. Lols.

 Casual Work Outfit
Top - Orange animal printed sleeveless collar, bazaar find
Jeans - Dark blue jeans with leather pocket trimming, Jag Jeans
Shoes - Pastel orange wedges, Parisian
Tote - Barcelona beach bag, gift

Well, that's it for now. Keep yourselves posted on my latest posts by following me here


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16 Responses to “Call of the Wild”

  1. I love those shoes, they look so pretty! I'm glad that it's still warm enough in Vancouver that I can wear my summer wedges. Cute outfit too.


  2. Thanks Caroline! :) Loved those shoes. I love that they're six inches tall and they feel like flats. <3

  3. Totally love your look dear :)

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    1. Thanks Steve! Appreciate the love. Will check out yours too! :)

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  6. What a lovely vacation spot, and you and your pretty clothes make it even lovelier.

  7. I saw you in Blog Catalog :)
    Your blog is quite nice! I love everything about fashion, makeup, food, travel, etc :D
    I'm following you. I hope we can be blogging buddies :)

    1. Hi Tonnomura!

      Thanks for the nice comment. I'm following you back on GFC and bloggers. I love the anime header and the sidebars. :D

  8. dear
    nice blog
    will be great if you follow back!

    1. I would be glad to! Following you back already. <3

  9. I love your shirt!!! It is the coloe, the leoparda details...I think it's a must have piece ;-)

    P.S. thank you so much for your lovely comment on our blog!!!

    Eirini from


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