She Eats: Sizzlin Pepper Steak

Happy Saturday everyone! I've just finished watching the last part of the Twilight Breaking Dawn movie with my girl friends. It is not often that I go out with my girls for a movie date, so we took this chance to update each other with our lives over a steaming plate of Sizzlin Pepper Steak, Mall of Asia .

Upon entering, we were greeted by this curious sign at our table -which the lovely staff has kindly taught us how to use. Simple: Moo-oove = We Need Something and Stop = Dont Bother. Loljk.

Shortly after flipping the cow sign to Moo-oove, our table was set up and orders were taken like clock work.

I like the picnic basket at the table. The place reminds me more of the country side, rather than a japanese inspired resto.

Not long after ordering, this smoking hot plate of sizzling goodness appeared before our eyes.

My friends digging in.

 I ordered their best seller, the Sizzlin Beef Pepper Platter. I love how juicy the meat is, and the sauce is simply to die for.

Upon having our fill of yummy food and great stories, we filled out this survey form to show them how lovely we thought their concept was, and that we will be back again for more. :)

Tune in next week for my post on the Ava x Glorietta event I will be attending this Thursday. <3

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4 Responses to “She Eats: Sizzlin Pepper Steak ”

  1. That sign is such a great idea, love it. The steak looks Fabulous...mmmm... I need some now. I have to say I really like your pics.

    1. Thank you, dear! I recently went out and got myself a lightroom, so post-processing became easier for me. I think I'm keeping this layout for a while. <3

  2. The beef pepper looks yummy.

    1. It is! Thank you for dropping by, deary <3


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