Inspiration Post: Wendy's Lookbook

Happy Sunday dearies!

 Let me share with you a video of my current obsession, one of the best fashion bloggers out there - 
Wendy Nguyen of 

As of late, I find myself watching her channel for hours. I first started watching her videos on Youtube, before learning that she has a blog which features other outfits that are not on her regular vlogs. She is fun, quirky, and simple but she has a way of transforming ordinary fashion posts into works of art (If you've already watched the clip below, you'd know that the videography on her posts are amazing!) 

Not only does she post about current trends, she also features shoes (and how to wear/take care of them) and hair (my main obsession!). I can go on and on about how amazing she is, but I'll bet you'll all be raving about her once you find yourselves going through every video she's made like I have. 

Anyhow, I'll leave you with the original links to her page below. I hope you guys can find inspiration from this classy lady's ultimate look book.

Links :

Original link for the video above :

Wendy's Blog:

Wendy's Youtube Channel:

[Disclaimer: I do not own the images and videos above. Rights belong to their respective owners.]


  1. Totally adore! Thank you for your amazing comment on my blog! It means the world to me!
    Sending you kisses and hugs.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. I love her blog too, have been following her for a while !

    kisses Pakize (Keke)

    1. A fellow fan! I'm kinda hooked on her vlogs too. :*


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