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Happy Sunday, everyone!

Ever since I started my blog last September, I have been thinking of moving from blogspot into an actual domain. So when in partnership with Tapblogs contacted me to try out their service for free, I said yes almost instantly!

 "Launch Your Brand in 60 Seconds." handles everything you need to launch your brand online quickly: a custom, a mobile friendly website, a blog, and a facebook page. is the perfect page builder for products, events, or personal profiles.

I tried their Small Biz Plan ($39 or P1,600/year): which includes 50MB of storage, access to all widgets, custom facebook page tab, and free custom domain name. 

Above is a quick look on the interface. 
All necessary widgets are neatly lined up at the left side of the page. Editing your site is pretty simple: you just have to click, drag, and drop items on the page and click on the pencil icon to customize your widgets.
A screen grab of how you can easily drag and drop items into your page

What's so great about this feature is the fact that I don't have to crack my brain for old html codes. Before I used this service, I used to go back and forth from Photoshop to Photobucket to my blog just to be able to put an icon here or there. 
The only thing that I was kind of disappointed with this page though, was that I cannot simply import my blog to the domain name: I tried locating the Import option, but I cannot seem to do so.
I emailed their support team for assistance, and in no time I got an email back saying that they, unfortunately, do not have a blog-importing feature installed yet. So instead of making this into my main blog, I turned my site into a landing page- which redirects you to my blog, lookbook, and facebook page.
 Facebook page integration

Already have a facebook page? You can install FB app and integrate your site as a Page tab.

(View mine here.)

So, after an hour or two of tinkering with the site and playing around, below is the final output.

Interested? Visit now. 
You may also check out their other plans:
FREE : $0.00 Forever 
(5MB storage/access to core widgets/no FB page tab/personalized subdomain)
PROFESSIONAL: $3.00 per month 
(50MB storage/access to all widgets/custom FB page tab/use your own custom domain name)

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  1. Wow, that'z amazing! One day, I'd like to change into my own domain, but I don't think I would be able to anytime soon. Either way, I'm definitely going to check your site! :)

    1. I think maintaining a domain takes some work and time. But I hope you get to be able to do it soon! Share it, once you do. :)

  2. Can't wait for the new site Michi! I think it's always a good idea to have your own domain. :)

    1. Thanks Maita! Currently, my landing page is :)

  3. Very interesting, I'm considering doing it!

    1. You can always try it for free then purchase it after. <3

  4. Lovely blog!

    Want 2 follow?

    xoxo <3<3 much love

  5. neat! i'll totally consider this once i have some time to really change the template and update the design of my blog! teehee!

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

    1. Very cool! Try the free version for yourself in the meantime, and see if it fits you. <3

  6. Thank you for your comment and for being my new follower! I'm flattered!:)
    I also follow you now via bloglovin and GFC! :) ♥ 。✰✩ ♔
    ✿ °•.¸
    A big kiss from Brazil!

    1. Thank you Andréia! Love you to bits <3


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