Hello Everyone!

Let me share about my recent trip to BDJ Box's Beauty Social 2013 at the Mall of Asia.

If you haven't known yet,  BDJ Box is a monthly beauty subscription service that lets you try out the best and latest beauty products before purchasing them for a full price. Call it, a trial version for skin care and make-up, if you will. :)

During this event, pre-registered and walk-in guests are able to join beauty talks about selected topics.

I had joined the 1PM: "Beauty Questions Solved!" talk, which were lead by the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry. I loved this particular talk, as I was becoming inclined to listening and watching beauty vloggers as well.

After attending a talk, guests can also walk down the pink carpet to have their beauty shot (I call this a kikay mugshot) taken by professional photographers. 

Aside from the photo-op, guests can also take part in various activities hosted by partner brands at the event. Here are some of them:

And of course, BDJ Box being the generous lot they are, has given away goody bags for their ecstatic guests.

My fave loots? The Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara and Pantene Color and Perm samples. These are the two things I cannot live without: eye make-up and hair protection products. :)

I definitely enjoyed this launch. I hope to see you guys in the next BDJ Box event!

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  1. ang galing naman ng art picture... this entry looks like a magazine page tuloy... i was in the event

  2. This looks like a wonderful event!

  3. So cool!

    I really love how you've done your pics here too. :)


  4. super cool! NIce event! Love your collages! xxx

  5. Look at those goodies, so awesome!
    And wow, pink carpet, that's cute.

  6. Hello! My name is Wendy and I'm Portuguese :) I also have a blog and would like to follow me: what if I want to then head back, just warn you, because I always do it :)
    Thank you! Kisses! (I'm too highly grateful if you follow)

  7. What a great event! My skin can react badly to skin care products so it's always handy to be able to test them before buying them and wasting my money :p So cool that you got a bunch of stuff as well.
    Maya - Archistas


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