Stripes & Acid Wash

Well hello there, my lovelies!

How has this weather been treating you? 

In most parts of the world, people are enjoying fields of snow and are wearing layer upon layer of heavy clothing (even though it's suppose to be spring). But in this nook of the globe, people are starting to purchase bikinis and sun tan lotion as summer is about to begin.

With the weather being hot and humid at first, and freezing the next --dressing up in sweaters has become a bit tricky for me. So, how do you dress up for days when you don't know if it'll be cold or humid? 

Well, I incorporate dark winter sweaters with light fabric that breathe well on hot and humid days. How do you guys recycle clothing so you could incorporate it to this season's trends?

UVA/UVB protection glasses are a hot item this season. I am still loving this one I got from Romwe as these are not only chic, but they keep my peepers protected as well. I am in love with steam punk designs lately, so these glasses will definitely be in some of my future shots.

"I haz cheeseburger... oops, I ain't a cat"

On another note, do you know what else is a great accessory to have this season? ...An adorable pet! A pet in your shot tends to draw out the "oohs" and "awws" from just about anybody. Plus points if that pet tends to act derpy but ends up looking cute at the same time.

Mayi is my little shitzu who loves to photo bomb people when they try to take shots in the backyard. You usually don't see her in my other posts as I tend to edit her out, but I decided to keep her in this one as she looked oh so cute. 

Ladies and gents, this little tyke here and his lot will have you clicking the hype button in no time.

So, what are you waiting for?

top// forever 21
necklace// forever 21
acid wash jeans// thrifted
bag// xoxo
shoes// parisian

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14 Responses to “Stripes & Acid Wash”

  1. Kekeke...I've just posted a stripes look on Polyvore~ kekekeXD

    You look good babe~

  2. love your glasses :)

  3. luuuuuuurvley outfit! :) and watta cute dog! :)

  4. Love your sunnies!!
    Follow me on

  5. Lovely proposal ! great blog !
    I'm following you now.


  6. Keep the puppy, she's adorable! Mine hams it up for the camera too.... Today is beautiful where I am as well! You look great and I really love your sweater.

  7. Love the outfit! Great blog, so I'm a new follower on GFc =)

  8. Your dog is so cute!!!
    Love the striped sweater, it can be worn in so many different ways!

  9. Love the puppy photo bobing!
    Thanks for reacing out at IFB... I'm new there too!
    Following... please follow back

  10. Fun blog..and love your style...=)
    the puppy is so cuteeeee...
    thanks for a nice message on IFB..i am your new follower via bloglovin and GFC..


  11. Great conference and goody bag :)
    Kisses from Miami,

  12. Love the look! Great tips on the humid cold weather :) and your doggy is cute :D
    Maya - Archistas


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