Happy Mother's Day, Everyone!

I spent Mother's Day with mother goose yesterday by seeing Iron Man in 3D. She wasn't really a fan of the franchise, but my temper tantrum made her go anyway. Lols.

My sister and I got her this yummy chocolate cake from Tous Les Jours. I love how cute and delicious korean cakes are --they remind me of Japanese strawberry celebration cakes. :)

I wore this cute distressed cat sweater I recently got from Romwe. The fabric was light and ventilates well, perfect for the hot x cold weather transitions.

I paired this top with my ultra short skater skirt and thin cream belt from Forever 21. Thin belts help accentuate the waist and adds an extra Oomph to this look. 

I am currently loving ankle strap heels and flats, and these pair from The Ramp are just what the doctor ordered! They are sleek, sexy, and comfy to boot.

Distressed cat sweater :: Romwe
Skater skirt :: old, see similar here
Skinny cream belt :: Forever 21
Ankle strap heels :: Pill, The Ramp

So, what have you done for your mom this Mother's Day? Tell me all about it. :)

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6 Responses to “Graffiti”

  1. Great photos! Love the look with the wings!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :

    1. Thank you, Signe. Been obsessed with wings lately :)

  2. Really cute look! Love that cake, looks so pretty (and yummy). I'm not a big fan of Iron Man either, so nice of her to go with you anyway :D That's true love ;) Maya - Archistas

    1. Thank you Maya! She actually didn't like any of the movies showing that day, but watched it anyway. That cake was really good, korean cakes are the best :D

  3. That cake looks so good. @_@

    Love what your wearing! I love love love that sweater! :D

    of Wish&Wear

    1. Thank you, Adly! I have been waiting for a month for those. They are way cute and comfy :D


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