Short Hair, Don't Care

Happy weekend everyone!

Ever since I turned 25 this month, I have been nothing but obsessed with skin care and exercise lately. This reminded me so much of ajummas* trying to seem younger in koreanovelas that I gave this look a try. (*Ajummas are stereotypically described as short, stocky, tough women with short curly permed hair) (--__--* )

So, what do you guys think? I am heavily considering chopping off my layers and giving in to the allures of the ajumma* life...

 gray scarf : gift, vintage
black crop top : Forever 21
skater skirt & headband : 168 mall
...just kidding! I am not ready to part ways with my growing hair just yet. :D

Anyhow I would like to thank everyone who wished me well on my birthday, and I hope that I could share more laughs and happiness with all of you guys (yes, that means you) for years to come.

Here's to many a happy and healthy life with all my readers! *Cheers*


  1. You look so cute, I love it! I say go for it. Short hair is fun and hey it will always grow out!

    1. Thank you Caroline! I was thinking of doing that, but everybody else was keeping me away from the shears. Maybe when I'm older.. :D

  2. The short hair is really cute but I prefer long hair :) it's nice to be able to pin it up and pretend for just a day :D
    Congrats on your birthday!

    1. I think so too! Thank you for the greeting! :D

  3. In my opinion short hair definitely would suit you very well! ;-)


  4. Super cute outfit! I love that yellow cardigan.



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