Little Surprises: Unboxing Jan Feb BDJ Box

 Out of the things I received last Valentines, this box has got to be one of the best yet. :)

For the past few weeks, I have been obsessing over korean makeup and skin care products. And just like magic, my beauty godmothers from Viviamo Inc. sent me another cute surprise in the mail - the Jan/Feb BDJ Box!

I was out running an errand on the day this baby arrived, the first thing I looked for upon reaching home is that quaint little box shaped parcel filled with my mini surprises. Look below to see what I got.

Not in the photo: Garnier Darkest Brown Hair Dye

Out of all the things in my BDJ Box that I look forward to, the Tony Moly skin cream had to be my favorite. I have been searching high and low for an online shop carrying Juju Aquacleanse and other skin care alternatives are just the fix to keep me satisfied until I find my seller. (Btw, if you know any please hook me up! Will love you to the end of earth and back.)

So far, I have used up my Tony Moly Snail Cream and Emulsion - loved it, but I'm still looking for the perfect fit for my skin. And oh, if any of you ladies got this box - I am sure that all of you are probably raving about the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara. This baby not only lengthened my lashes, it made it look as if it was my lashes were that naturally thick and voluminous. Thank you so much for introducing this item, I will definitely be purchasing the full size once this runs out.
That's it for now. If you have any thoughts about this post, be sure to leave me a comment below. :)

Kiss kiss Xx

 BDJ Box
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  1. nice post!

  2. What a fun looking box

  3. They really did fit a lot into one little box! That mascara sounds amazing too xx Rebecca - UK Style Blog

  4. They did! You should try the mascara as well :)


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