Lookbook 03.15.14

Photography by Dionne Torres

Over the course of the weekend, I have managed to (creatively) waste every minute of it doing the following: (a) watching random vids on yt (b) re-playing my level on the lego movie game and (c) sleeping and snacking all day. Not that I mind having these free moments to do anything I'd like, but I wish I had spent it a little bit more productively. Like say, finally organizing my closet and room, for once. 

Anyway, here are a few snaps I took last time I did something that involved the outdoors. Days like these remind me how little time I put into enjoying the world for what it is. I think I should go outside more after this post. Maybe I will, maybe. :)

tropical leaves top from Ahai Shopping
black bandage skirt from The Ramp
peach lace flats with pearl detail from Ichigo Shoes

Well that is it for now, see you on my next "outdoor" post. I am pretty sure you and I will love it both, have a happy Sunday! :*

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  1. Stunning Look! very Asian Beauty. Stay Fierce :)

  2. Sometimes a lazy day is just the best. You look lovely in that blouse!


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