Skin and Bones

// Ribcage black jumper : Romwe // Ankle strap peep-toe shoes : The Ramp Crossings //
// Canvas leather rucksack : random finds //

Hi there my beach hair loving babes! Another lookbook post with me in, guess what? the outdoors! I find that everything looks better under natural light, and the clear blue skies and crystal waters gives this look the highlight it deserves. I am wearing this black ribcage jumper that I have been dying to try out for weeks. This look reminds me of something StyleNanda would wear on their flagship openings :) I love wearing this over bodycon skirts, but this would also look amazing on distressed high waisted shorts as well. These shoes are an oldie but goodie, I love wearing them on days when I want to make my legs look like they can go for miles.

And oh, if you haven't checked it out yet- you can hype this look and check out more of my outfits on my lookbook page below. Happy browsing! :)

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4 Responses to “Skin and Bones”

  1. Everything does look great in natural light! You look fantastic.

    1. Thank you so much Caroline! Got to love the sunny days :)


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