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Here are my three simple rules to surviving school:

Rule No. 1
Always wear comfortable shoes.

Especially during P.E... you never know when a zombie apocalypse might strike your school, and you may need to run a few laps (faster than that chubby kid at school). I kid. *chuckles* I'm glad I was sent these rad sneakers from Justfor5pounds, not only are they affordable they're of great quality and material as well. Shipping was quick and in a few days, the mailman surprised me with these kickers. I'm quite picky when it comes to shoes, but these are fast becoming my current fave. 

Rule No. 2
Always turn in your project in time.

Doing your work extra early means you get more time to party and chill when all your classmates are stuck doing theirs on the last minute. *insert evil laugh here* [Bonus points: Getting an A+ for your "hard work"]

Rule No. 3
Always pay attention in class.
a.k.a. using your ninja goofing off skills

Unless you are a child prodigy, paying attention in class is always a good idea. Not only will you be able to hone your skills, you will also be well equipped for the future that is... the [dreaded] workforce. If you, like me, have the attention span of a kitten next to a laser, then you must work on improving your concentration skills. And this is where doodling comes in. Studies show that doodling improves the concentration of those who do it over those who do not. (Caution: use sparingly and only when absolutely needed. We don't want to end up being the teacher's unfavorite pet.)

| top // tigerlily | shorts // romwe | necklace // antler | gold watch // dkny | shoes // justfor5pounds |

Now those are my top three, what are yours? :)


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