Summer Haul Favorties

Hello sweetcakes! I just wanted to share some of my favorite things from this month's haul. I haven't shopped much in a while, so that would explain me going overboard with this month's shopping spree. Sharing them one by one will be boring, so I narrowed down my top picks for you lot here :)

[Left to Right : Top to Bottom:]
Blue canvas throw pillow / Status Mag yardsale :: Nude Stilettos / Memorata by Celine
Bright Fit BB Cream / Etude House :: Skin Fix Pact in Natural Beige / Lioele
White rose fancy pearl bracelet / Bazaar :: White floral top / Bazaar

And of course, out of all the items I got this month this necklace from Antler has got to be my all time favorite. I got this from the recently concluded Status Yardsale, and according to the seller this crystal was hand carved by a Native American and this can be used to carve with as well.

Getting positive vibes from this crystal. You guys should check them out as well, every item is unique and one of a kind. I think you will find something that calls out to you as if it was destined and especially made for you. If that made any sense. :) Anyway, you could see just how happy I am with my new trinket in the photo below.

 Thank you for reading this month's favorites! :) Be sure to leave a comment below if you love any of the items I featured above, or if you would like to share something you especially love this month as well. Have a wonderful month ahead. I cannot wait to share more stories with you guys. :)


  1. Lovely favourites!
    Nice pictures !
    Have a fab sunday!

    1. Thank you Helena! I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well :*

  2. oh j'adore ce top fleuri!!!!
    bon dimanche!

    1. Thank you dear, that top was too cute not to get :)


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