October 2014 Skin Savers BDJ Box

Happy end of October loves! Now that we are transitioning into the colder -ber months, I think we should be paying a little more attention to our skin. Generally, our skin is used to the hot and humid climate, so whenever the cooler season comes along our skin tends to act all up and look cray. Hello, Mr. crypt keeper skin! yikes.

Now thanks to BDJ, I get to try out new skin and hair savers this month. Want to see what I got?

Ripped this baby open and tried out a majority of these items. Best finds so far are the My Choice Mango Spa Salt,Yves Rocher Sebo vegetal cream, and Loreal Revitalift laser serums. I'm still hooked on autumn looks, so I might not be able to wear the Revlon palette until the holidays. :)

And look! A bonus box from Dial - coconut water infused bar soap and body wash. Refreshing! Used these as an everyday soap, and it keeps me smelling fresh and clean. Mom and I love it, so we will definitely be keeping a lot of these at home.

So there you have it. If you want to take home your very own BDJ Box, go ahead and check them out right here. See you soon, little bunnies! :*

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