Samsung Circo App Review

Hi guys! So I am here to review this new app called Samsung Circo. This has been launched early this year in the Philippines, and so far it has over a thousand downloads in the Google Playstore. So what makes this app worth the install? See below.

For starters, I want to stress that I am not affiliated with Samsung in anyway other than being one of this app's players. Secondly, this post is not sponsored at all. So let us proceed with the review.

So what is Samsung Circo? This is a free gaming app launched by Samsung Asia for the Philippine Market. None of the mini games involve any fees (yes, you heard me) so playing and winning this game just makes use of your time, strategy, and tactile skills.

Once you enter the app, you will be greeted by this notification screen, and a preview of this week's prizes. Tournaments start on Mondays 8:00 AM Philippine Standard time and ends on Sundays 12:00 MN. Note: you need wifi, 3g, or lte internet connection to play this app.

Each week, players have a chance to win prizes from the Platinum, Gold, and Silver tournaments. Prizes vary each week but are usually technology, lifestyle, and entertainment related.

Platinum tournament players have a chance to win three prizes - the main prize of the week, and second and third place prize for the runner ups. This tournament needs 4,000 tickets to enter.

Gold Tournament players can play to win the prize of the week, but unlike the Platinum tourney, only the first place winner gets the prize. 2,500 tickets are needed to enter. So give your all and play to win!

Silver Tournament players can play to win one to five prizes each week. Each week brings surprises, sometimes only one player gets the prize while on some weeks, like this week, five players stand to win the same prize. You need 1,500 tickets to enter.

So how do you earn tickets to enter the tournaments? You can score tickets in three ways.

First, log in to the app and gain 400 tickets everyday. It's that easy. And hey, you only need 100 more tickets to spin the wheel (this, to be discussed in a while.)

Second, download and play the mini games and finish the tasks to earn tickets everyday. You can get 400, 500, and 600 tickets per task in each mini game everyday - and more often than not, you will find ways to make earning tickets easier as you learn the ropes. Mini games include: Fruit Ninja, Voodoo Casino, Jetpack Joyride, Critter Escape, Ocean Run 3D, Flick Tennis, Jiggle Watts, Castle Clash, and Crazy Seconds.

 And third for 500 tickets, you can spin the wheel. You can stand to win 500, 5000, 10000, 15000, Free spin +5000, and 50000 tickets daily. Aside from those, you can also win gems, lives, and coins for mini games such as Flick Tennis, Ocean run, Castle clash, Crazy seconds, and Jetpack joyride. Find your rhythm and may luck be on your side.

So you've got enough (or more) tickets to enter the tournament of your choice, what are the tournament games like? And more importantly, how do you win the tournaments?

Enter a tournament and play the game according to the instruction given. For example, in this week's Silver tournament - you play as the bubbly Bess as she climbs the ladder to reach the top in Step Up.

This game is pretty straightforward. Just tap on either side of the ladder to grab the coins. Just make sure to tap in time to avoid that pesky bear in the unicycle. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has fallen victim to his tricky skills haha.

Each time you successfully finish a goal, you get a chance to unlock a new level. With each level up, the score rises - so save a lot of tickets and play the games right so you can level up and score higher than your competitors.

Tournament games vary depending on which one you play. New tourney games are also being introduced slowly to keep all players on their toes. And how do you check your stats and ranking? 

The page below shows you how close you are to reaching the leader board or which place you are in the Top 10. In my case, I am lagging behind the competition. You can see your score and rank as well as those who are playing the games with you.

So what if at the end of the week you reign victorious? How does the prize get to you? Is this game for real?

Prizes are prepared and shipped to your doorstep for free. It usually takes a week for a prize to arrive, though in some rare cases it may arrive within 2 weeks. Some prizes, like gift cards, are sent to you electronically via email or through SMS.

This game is 100% legit, and I could attest to that having won my share of prizes. Here's an unboxing of the Razer Black Widow Stealth Tournament Edition keyboard I received as a prize for the Gold tournament last week. I also won the Razer gaming mouse a few games back, so I see a trend with my gaming choices here. You can read about the reviews and feedback of those who have played and won the game in their official facebook page - Circo a Magical Place.

This box is huge. Here's a pepsi for scale.

So come one, come all and join the fun! See you in the competition :)


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