Hautemenot takes you to BDJ@10: Share the Spark! {Closed}

Hello Bellas! 

BDJ and I are inviting you to the latest BDJ Fair entitled "BDJ@10 - Share the Spark!" This fair will launch the Belle De Jour 2016 Power Planner and will be sure to dazzle you all with a fun day filled with booths, activities, freebies, and enriching talks from fashion and beauty gurus.

The team over at BDJ was kind enough to give away five (5) VIP Access pass for my subscribers! (Yay!) If you want to score tickets simply follow the directions below :)

1. Be sure to follow me on any of my platforms: Fb | Twitter | Ig
2. Leave a comment below with your full name, email address and an answer to this question: "How do you find your inner light and shine within?"

The first 5 commenters will automatically score these tickets.

Congratulations to:
1. Glovie Nunez
2. Remilyn Patinga
3. Joan Mangulabnan
4. Abegaill J. Villacruz
5. Eil Lauren N. Pantoja 

Please check your email for the official invite from the BDJ team

Have fun and see you there! :)


  1. Name: Glovie Nunez
    Email: fozcat14@yahoo.com
    Answer: My strong faith makes me shine within :)

  2. Remilyn Patinga (remilyn_0123@yahoo.com)
    I find my inner light and shine from within when I believe in my potential

  3. Joan Mangulabnan (jcm_5726@ymail.com)
    I find my inner light with God and when I'm with my love one's :)

  4. Abegaill J. Villacruz
    I find my inner light and shine within by giving my best in whatever I do. :)

  5. Eil Lauren N. Pantoja

    I find my inner light and shine within whenever i'm surrounded with optimistic people.

  6. I find my inner light and shine within when Im always praying to God. And knowing He is always there for me even when i dont need Him.

  7. I forgot to pu my whole name and email:
    full name: Vicenica Pagkatipunan
    Email: vicenica_pagkatipunan@yahoo.com


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