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8th BDJ Fair: Rise Above the Waves on October 16th

Every year, I would always look forward to writing a list of things I would like to achieve for the year in my journal. From planning trips with my girls to participating in various work activities, I would carefully plot these out in my planner and happily tick them out of my to-do list. And every year, without fail - my BDJ Power Planner helps me keep myself organized throughout planning and carrying out all of my pursuits.

Having wanted to accomplish more charitable work this year, I was very glad when I opened my inbox and saw an invite to this year's BDJ Fair. This event is where Bellas come together to have fun and raise funds for causes that support and empower the everyday Filipina.

Now on their 11th year and with over 60,000 members and counting, the BDJ Team is continuing their mission to make a difference in the lives of Filipinas through encouraging us Filipinas to overcome the waves of life by having unshakeable trust in our hearts and pushing ourselves forward without fear or limitation.

I am very proud to invite all of you Bellas to join the launch of the 11th edition of the BDJ Power Planner at the 8th BDJ Fair: Rise Above the Waves on October 16, 2016. This would be their biggest annual fund raising event to date.

Help out and Have Fun!

For only PHP 200 you will receive a BDJ Fair VIP Pass and you be able to attend two talks of your choice and receive all of the benefits listed below.

I hope to see you girls at the event, don't forget to say "Hi!" and snag lots of goodies at the fair. See you on the 16th! :D

For more information you may visit the BDJ official accounts below:
| Facebook: Belle de Jour Power Planner | Instagram/Twitter: @bdjbuzz | Website: |


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