Happy Sunday, Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I certainly did, especially since I got an amazing surprise in the mail yesterday morning.  

Viviamo Inc. (the brand behind BDJ Power Planner) was lovely enough to send me the April BDJ Box so I can experience it first hand. :)

 I previously attended the BDJ Box Beauty Social here. And if you'll notice the products, a majority of them were featured brands at the event.

I love that this month's box has a dynamic line-up. They are trying to incorporate both local and international brands for variety.  I must say, what greater way to love our own than try our own (local) beauty products, right?
  Excited to find out what's inside? Then scroll away! :)

1. Avon SSS Glutathione Lotion with Marula (250ml, full size) Php 350
2. Celeteque Hydrolized Moisturizing Mist (120ml, full size) Php 349
3. Revlon Nail Art Neon (7.68ml, full size) Php 375
4. Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion (300ml) Php 419
5. Avon Anew 360 White Day Cream (30ml, full size) Php 799
6. Candi Nail Polish Remover Wipes (30 pcs, full size) Php 65

7.  Avon Anew 360 White Day Cream samples
8. Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum (100ml) Php 2950 for full size
9. Goody Slide-Proof Pins and Elastics (2 clips, 2 elastics) Php 449.75
10. Garnier Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Mask (19ml, full size) Php 89

  11. Avon product brochure
12. Bioessence Premium Pass (free Aroma Facial or Foot Reflex)
13. Belletoday Personalized Weightloss Coaching (70% off for the 3-month program OR 75% off for the 6-month program)
14. Goody 20% OFF Coupon (valid at selected Robinsons Department stores)
Overall, I'm quite impressed with the amount and quality of the products included in these boxes. You are definitely getting (way more) than you're money's worth. I am quite excited to try out these products, especially the Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion and Celeteque Hydrolized Moisturizing Mist.

Interested in owning your very own BDJ Box?
Then head on over to BDJBox.com, the best go-to online beauty resource in the Philippines. :)

website:  www.bdjbox.com
twitter: @bdjbuzz / #bdjbox


  1. This looks great! What a fantastic haul. Can't wait to read some reviews!

    1. Thank you, Caroline! I really loved the products, I am on my 3rd day of using these products. Cant wait to blog about it soon :D

  2. Finally, it worked. For some reason my browser wouldn' load the comment box haha..
    Let me know when you try the goody non-slip hair clips, they look interesting!

    1. Finally! I can now leave comments on your posts. :) I will try to post a look with the clips and tell you what I think :*

  3. I am now convinced to subscribe at BDJ! Can't wait to get my own box. :)

    xx, Mela

    1. You definitely should! :) They are very generous with the sample sizes. I cant wait to check out next month's box


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