Hello, Hi, Goodbye

leather bag // gift
cat distressed sweater // romwe
ankle strap heels // old, see here

Just as quickly as how my tagline ends, I would love to say hello to all my oldie-but-goodie/new blogger friends and apologize for the lack of post this week. I have been under the weather since I had a flu, but I will get right back on to blogging next week. For now, enjoy this very fun photo of me during the Bloggers United 5. :) I am currently working on a neat/cute new edit for next week's post so stay tuned! :*

Aaaaand if you happen to like my outfit above, please don't forget to click that HYPE button. <3

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8 Responses to “Hello, Hi, Goodbye”

  1. Looking nice!! I'm looking forward to your new posts!

    1. Thank you Tonnomura dear! :D Love seeing you here always

  2. You look so nice and your cloth is really very cool, thank you for your share!

  3. Can't wait for new posts!!! <3


  4. Looking forward for new posts girl.

    <3 Marina

    1. Thank you Marina, I hope you enjoy my latest post <3


Thank you for your comment! <3

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